Kate M. Garcia, President

Razor IT Solutions – Director of Operations
VFAA Director since 2013
“There is a deep connection with a thriving community and a healthy fine arts culture; one cannot exist without the other. As a participant and a supporter of the arts, I feel a passion for continuing to strengthen the fine arts of Victoria so the city may continue to prosper and grow. Kate is also an active member on the Leo J. Welder Center for the Performing Arts advisory board.”

Courtney Middleton, Vice President

University of Houston – Victoria – Senior Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations
VFAA Director since 2017
“Fine arts affect our daily lives more than we probably realize. Exposure to music and arts education at an early age can promote productivity, creativity, accountability and teach our kids the importance of collaboration. It’s more than pretty pictures and fun music, it’s about providing our children every opportunity to exercise these skills that will help them build a life they love.”

Amy Mundy, Past President

Victoria College Foundation – Executive Director
VFAA Director Since 2013
“Providing cultural enrichment opportunities for our community is so important. We want to keep our young people local and give our community the opportunity to experience many different forms of art right here in our home town. Victoria Fine Arts Association is a great way to have an impact on the arts in our area. I love Victoria and have enjoyed working on the VFAA board over the last serval years!” 

Sarah Klingle Griffin, Treasurer

Michael S. Klingle, CPA, PLLC – Manager
VFAA Director since 2015
“I’m so grateful to be part of a board that has a long legacy of bringing the arts in various forms to the community that I call home. I look forward to continuing to serve the Victoria area.”

David Faskas, Director

KMH Wealth Mangement, LLC– Managing Member/ Operations Manager
VFAA Director since 2019
“Fine arts have always been an important part of my life. I believe that art is how a culture expresses its identity, and is instrumental to a healthy, vibrant community. I love a quote by Victor Hugo – “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Art is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. I am excited to serve on the VFAA board to help bring fine art events to life.”

Robin Janecka, Director

Sign Crafters Victoria – Graphic Artist and Office Manager
VFAA Director since 2011
“Serving as a board member for the Victoria Fine Arts Association I cherish the ability to build lasting relationships with my fellow directors as we reach out to the community. We have gone through many challenges when hosting JAM Fest and have conquered them as a team. I am looking forward to each season as we endeavor to create new ideas making the crossroads an enjoyable place to find music, art, and more so close to home.”

Laura Koliba, Director

Gulf Coast Rehabilitation Center, PC – Physical Therapist Assistant
VFAA Director since 2006
“What spoke to me about the Victoria Fine Arts Association is it’s not only a committee steeped in not only rich history, but a love for all art forms. The VFAA is diverse, changing with the times as needed. Now, our largest event is the JAM Fest (Jazz, Art and More). This event leads us to collaborate with Art car parade, market days, CASA, local artisans, and local and regional bands to Victoria. “

Jerra Lee, Director

R.E. Lee Photography – CEO
VFAA Director since 2003
“The VFAA is the longest running fine arts organization in Victoria, Texas; since September 1946. But, we haven’t survived for so long on our own. One aspect of the VFAA that sets us a step above is that we highly value our community partners. We realize that to do something exceptionally well takes collaboration and input from different perspectives. We strive to continue supporting the fine arts for many years to come by growing our valued community partnerships. “

Teri Murray, Director

Finance of America Reverse – Reverse Mortgage Consultant
VFAA Director since 2011
“I want to be sure that Victoria is a town rich in opportunity for diverse performing art performance. Not only does this enhance the quality of life for residents of the Crossroads, it also helps attract new community members and hopefully retain our youth. I also feel we have a responsibility to cultivate and nourish a climate that encourages youth to learn and pursue their passion through performance art.”

Lily Patterson, Director

Sysco – Marketing Associate
VFAA Director since 2019
“I’ve been involved with the fine art programs Victoria has had to offer from a young age. Celebrating the arts and showcasing it in our community is a valuable asset, especially to our youth, that I am proud to be a part of! “

John Quitta, Director

REMAX – Associate
VFAA Director since 1998
“Why are the fines arts so important? The fine arts give Victorians an outlet in which they can shape and mold their community firsthand. Keeping VFAA current and available to all community members is imperative to Victoria’s appeal to new prospective residents. A healthy fine arts culture equals a healthy economic culture.”

Geri Schroeder, Director

Prosperity Bank – Senior Vice President
VFAA Director since 1996
“Fine arts are incredibly important to the health of the community as well as the human body. By supporting the arts you support community strength, drive creativity, improve students’ academic performance, drive tourism, and build local economy. Fine arts are deeply rooted into the health of a community and the VFAA ensures that the arts will continue to be supported in the Victoria area for years to come.”

Adam Uszynski, Director

Meier, Bradicich & Moore, LLP – Partner
VFAA Director since 2015
“I was exposed to art and music and community activities promoting art and music from a young age and hope to instill that in my son. I’ve been a board member for over 3 years now and am excited to be a part of an organization that continually works to promote art and music in South Texas.”

Tony Vasquez, Director

Victoria Advocate – Event/Celebration Coordinator
VFAA Director since 2018
“Knowing how much real talent and potential exists in Victoria I am happy to assist in any way to further showcase it. People who call this area home should be aware of what local musical and artistic opportunities truly surround them and be given every chance to appreciate them.”

James Villafranca, Director

Club Westerner – Owner
VFAA Director since 2003
“As a board member of the Victoria Fine Arts I’m able to assist in selecting the talent we bring to Victoria. I feel that the people from Victoria truly appreciate the fine arts and are amazed at the diverse talent made available to them.”

Angela Weaver, Director

Victoria College – Database Administrator Technology Services
VFAA Director since 2018
“I believe the arts are the best way to enrich the life of a community. While my main passion is live music and my Weaver House Concerts music series. I also enjoy photography, ceramics and gardening.”

Jack Billups

Advisor since 2015

Chad Meyer

Advisor since 2013

Jewel Buchanan

Advisor since 2017

Joel Novosad

Advisor since 2013

Debra Chronister

Advisor since 2018

Maurice Roberts

Advisor since 2019

Eunice Collins

Advisor since 2014


Past Presidents of the Victoria Fine Arts Association


1946-1949 Marjorie Frels
1949-50 David Lack
1950-51 Hugh Stanly
1951-52 M. O. Simon
1952-53 Hans L. Weigand
1953-54 Carruth Palmer
1954-55 Robert Rick
1955-56 Mrs. E. A. Brinkman
1956-57 James McClendon
1957-59 Beth McCallister
1959-61 Ruben Steele Frels
1961-62 Mrs. C. F. Solenberger
1962-64 Frank Gorton, Jr
1964-66 William Baskin
1966-68 Wilbur Collins
1968-69 Dr. David Heinrich
1969-70 Ruth Williams
1970-71 Dr. Michael Hummel
1971-72 Fred Junkin
1972-73 Gerald Snyder
1973-76 Joe B. Milam
1976-78 Dr. Michael Hummel
1978-79 Gerald Snyder
1979-81 Pat Godfrey
1981-83 Ted Seel
1983-85 Dr. William Milligan
1985-87 Sharon Steen
1987-89 Dan Jezioro
1989-91 Linda Sassman
1991-93 Dr. Joe Dahlstrom
1993-95 Cathy Gl Hale
1995-96 Tami Keeling
1996-98 Carol Baker
1998-06 Joe Hewell
2006-08 James Villafranca
2008-10 Dan Easton
2010–12 Geri Schroeder
2012-14 Amy Mundy
2014-16 John H. Gilley